Be Happy: Mindfulness groups for kids

In as much as academic-, artistic- and sports-skills can be developed, our children’s mental well-being can also be nurtured by teaching them the skills they need to manage anxieties, maintain focus, regulate their emotions and empathize with themselves and others. 

Mindfulness practices are a set of skills that teach children to notice and relate in a kind way to their experiences and the experiences of others. In this experiential course, children will be taught numerous mindfulness techniques that they can use to navigate the ups and downs of everyday childhood life.

*DATE: Starting 7 MAY 2021
Every Friday afternoon for 6 weeks with the last session on 11 JUNE 2021

*TIME: 14h00

*VENUE: Pontem Developmental Centre, BLOEMFONTEIN



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Rolyn du Plessis is an occupational therapist, mindfulness teacher and mother of 3. She finds joy and fulfillment working in a private practice in the oncology ward of an acute hospital in Bloemfontein. She is currently completing a post-graduate diploma in mindfulness and mindfulness-based interventions, and has found the benefits of mindfulness to be of exceptional value in her personal and professional life.

She completed her undergraduate degree (B.OccTher) in 2006 and continued to complete her master’s degree (M.OccTher) in 2012 at the University of Pretoria. Before moving to Bloemfontein in 2019, she spent 12 years working with adults and children in various community settings; often communities affected by poverty. Here, in environments of adversity, she learned from, and was inspired by people who – despite great odds – met life’s hardships with resilience and courage. 

She passionately advocates that the ability to meet life skillfully and to transform adversity into growth, is an innate human capacity that can be cultivated. She is in her element when her work helps people recognise that capacity in themselves.