One on One Therapy

Our therapy is aimed at children and adolescents (2 ½  – 18 years) struggling with emotional and/or behavioural problems. Emotional problems in children often manifest in behavioural changes which could include:

  • Immature and/or overly mature behaviour.
  • Attachment difficulties (e.g. separation anxiety).
  • Failure to thrive.
  • Physically or sexually abusing other children.
  • Suffering from psychosomatic problems where there are no physical causes (e.g. headaches, stomach aches).
  • Eating disorders, changes in eating patterns.
  • Sleeping disorders, changes in sleeping patterns, nightmares.
  • Enuresis or encopresis (wetting/soiling pants).
  • Telling lies, stealing.
  • Inappropriate emotional responses.
  • Elective mutism.
  • Undue withdrawal, temper tantrums, violent outbursts.
  • Extreme mood swings.
  • Lack of affection; difficulties with relationships.
  • Self-harm.
  • Hurting other children or animals.
  • Under-functioning for no apparent reason.
  • Learning disorders and problems w.r.t. attending school (school refusal).
i2we - One on One Therapy for Children

The following might lead to emotional problems in children which might warrant therapeutic intervention:                

  • Loss of a parent due to death or divorce.
  • Major changes like relocating, changing schools.
  • Birth of a new sibling in the family.
  • Severe sibling rivalry.
  • Exposure to trauma (eg. armed robbery, a motor vehicle accident, the death of a pet, etc).
  • Exposure to abuse (physical, sexual or emotional) and/or neglect.
  • Chronic illness or hospitalisation of a child, or close relative.
  • Poor social skills which may lead to rejection by peers.
  • Learning problems which may lead to poor self esteem and social rejection.
  • Being subjected to, or witnessing, bulling.
  • Continuous personality clashes between parent and child.
  • Insufficient parenting styles.
  • Parents with emotional problems like depression, where emotions are subconsciously carried over to the child.